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MYPETSLIFE Magic Pet Comb: Clickable Hair Removal

MYPETSLIFE Magic Pet Comb: Clickable Hair Removal

With just one click - natural skin care and effortless hair removal for a more loving relationship.

🧴Natürliche Hautpflege

✂️ Effiziente Haarentfernung

❤️ Vertrauensstärkende Bindung

🌎 Universelle Anwendung

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How does the pet comb work?

1. Preparation: Sit with your dog/cat in a quiet and relaxed environment. This contributes to a positive experience during care.

2. Brushing the coat: Hold the ergonomically designed handle of the pet comb. Start by gently brushing your pet's fur. The high-quality bristles of the brush gently penetrate the fur and remove loose hair and tangles.

3. Easy hair removal: Once you've brushed your pet's fur thoroughly, you're ready for the next step. There is a practical button on the back of the brush - just press it.

4. Click for cleanliness: The innovative mechanism of the clickable pet brush is activated, the bristles retract slightly and release the hair. There is no need to pull the hair out of the brush.

How do I clean the pet comb?

The pet comb is very easy to clean. Click the button on the back to easily remove the collected hair from the comb. Discard the loose hair and clean the comb with warm water and mild soap if necessary. Make sure the comb is completely dry before next use for best results.

How often should I brush my pet?

Veterinarians typically recommend brushing long-haired pets about two to three times a week. This regular grooming will help prevent tangles, remove loose hair, and promote coat health. Breeds with particularly thick coats or during shedding periods may require more frequent grooming to minimize potential problems. However, it is important to consider the individual needs of the animal and adjust the care routine accordingly.

How long does delivery take?

Shipping usually takes 2-5 working days.

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Magical care for your darling!

Pamper your pet - whether cat or dog - with our magical pet comb that ends the annoying task of removing hair from the brush with just one click.

Not only simplify your grooming routine, but also treat your pet to gentle cleaning and beauty care that contributes to their well-being.

Enjoy time together without interruptions, strengthen your bond and ensure a shiny and healthy coat.


Size: 19/7.7cm

Weight: approx. 90g

Handle material: plastic

Color white

MYPETSLIFE magischer Haustierkamm: Klickbare Haarentfernung - Premium - Nur  12.99€! Nur bei My Pets Life

Natural skin care

The pet comb's gentle massage promotes blood circulation and helps support healthy fur growth.

MYPETSLIFE magischer Haustierkamm: Klickbare Haarentfernung - Premium - Nur  12.99€! Nur bei My Pets Life

Efficient hair removal

With a simple click, the hair is removed from the brush, eliminating the tedious and lengthy process of pulling hair out of the brush.

Trust-building bond

The pleasant care strengthens the bond between you and your pet, which leads to a more loving relationship.

MYPETSLIFE magischer Haustierkamm: Klickbare Haarentfernung - Premium - Nur  12.99€! Nur bei My Pets Life

Universal application

The pet comb is suitable for cats and dogs of all sizes and breeds, regardless of fur length or type.

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