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MYPETSLIFE Silicone Massage Brush

MYPETSLIFE Silicone Massage Brush

Transform your pet's bathing experience into pure relaxation and care

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How does the massage brush work?

Open the brush and pour in the pet shampoo. Now you can gently brush your pet during a bath to apply the shampoo while giving them a pleasant massage.

Why do I need a massage brush when bathing my pet?

The massage brush offers effective cleaning and soothing massage at the same time. Their special bristles penetrate the fur thoroughly, which makes them particularly effective compared to other fur brushes. And reduces anxiety that can arise from excessive water and foam. Your pet will feel more relaxed while getting clean and you can build confidence while bathing instead of losing it

Which shampoo should I use for my pet?

Please only use special shampoo for pets. Regular human shampoo is often too harsh on pets' sensitive skin and fur.

How long does delivery take?

Shipping usually takes 2-5 working days.

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Your pet deserves the best care!

The soft silicone bristles, innovative foam container and non-slip handle design of the versatile pet massage brush ensure an unforgettable and relaxing bathing experience.

Enjoy the benefits of cleansing, massage and care in one product and give your pet the bath they will love.


Size: 8x 8x 5cm

Weight: 80g

Material: Soft Silicone

Colour blue

Effective cleaning

The flexible bristles penetrate the fur, removing dirt, dead hair and tangles. This not only promotes overall cleanliness, but also supports the health of your pet's skin.

Relaxing massage

The 300 soft silicone bristles ensure a pleasant massage during bath time. Your pet will surely enjoy the extra attention and care.

Improved blood circulation

The massage effect of the brush stimulates blood circulation in the skin, resulting in a healthy and shiny coat.

Simple application

The innovative foam container enables efficient and even application of the shampoo.

The ergonomic handle allows for comfortable handling while optimizing your pet's bathing experience.

Maximum comfort

Our pet massage brush effortlessly adapts to the palm of your hand. Thanks to the integrated shape, the bristles remain firm, while the brush is light and non-slip in the hand.

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